Radiohead 'The King Of Limbs' To Be Released CD/Vinyl March 28

More details emerge about Radiohead's new album release plan...
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TKOLPackshotA Radiohead spokesman has confirmed the band will release physical copies of The King Of Limbs next month, this in conjunction with previously announced plans for a digital release of the album on Saturday and special "Newspaper" editions of the record.

There will be standard releases of TKOL on both CD and vinyl and those will be available next month on March 28. The album can be pre-ordered and downloaded digitally Saturday. The Newspaper Editions will ship in May. It's understandable if you're a little confused but all of this is good news and it's becoming clearer.

Let's review:

  • Preorder The King Of Limbs from the band's web site. Choose a digital option or a Newspaper edition. The digital downloads are available this weekend. The Newspaper Editions will ship in May.
  • The King Of Limbs will be released on CD and vinyl March 28.
  • We were thrilled yesterday to share the news Radiohead was surprising us with this new album and that it would be available as early as this weekend. We were less thrilled about the initial announced plans for how it would be released. This confirmation makes me feel better and I have a much easier decision before me about how I'll choose to acquire the record.