R.E.M. Re-Issues 25th Anniversary 'Green' May 14, Record Store Day Exclusive Apr. 20

'Green' Turns 25...
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Green may be R.E.M.'s most underrated and underappreciated album and I'd appreciate it a whole lot more if it were being re-issued for a reason other than turning 25 years old.

That's right, kids, Green is 25 and on May 14 it will be released as a 2-CD package (as well as on vinyl). The album has been remastered and the second disc features a nearly complete live show from their 1989 tour in support of the album (more on this in just a moment). Twenty-one songs from the Nov. 10 show in Greensboro, NC are included in the set including several from Green and many IRS goodies from prior albums (let's hear it for "Life And How to Live It" and "Perfect Circle).

Green was the band's first album for Warner Bros. after establishing themselves as one of the premier college rock bands of the early '80s on independent label IRS. The album itself is a curiosity in the band's discography, finding R.E.M. in a transitional phase. It's not much like the IRS material and while you can hear hints of where they'd go on Out Of Time and subsequent releases, it doesn't exactly belong with them, either. None of that diminishes some really great songs on the record like "Orange Crush" and "Pop Song 89." "Stand" isn't as bad as the band thinks it is and I've always liked Peter Buck's mandolin work on "You Are The Everything." It's not the best of their discography but is far from their worst (cough Around The Sun cough).

Now I said Disc 2 of this set features most of the Greensboro show. Want the rest of it? 2,500 of us can have that because a limited edition EP is being released on April 20 at participating independent music stores. You all know me. I'm both an R.E.M. fanatic and a completist so I'm traveling to an indie store (can you believe Huntsville doesn't have a real one?) so I can score a copy of this prior to scoring the *Green re-issue.

25 years. What happened to this world, kids? No matter. I'm having one of these and I'm going to try my best to land one of those limited EPs. Here are the details on tracklisting.

Green 25th Anniversary Disc 1

  1. "Pop Song 89"
  2. "Get Up"
  3. "You Are The Everything"
  4. "Stand"
  5. "World Leader Pretend"
  6. "The Wrong Child"
  7. "Orange Crush"
  8. "Turn You Inside Out"
  9. "Hairshirt"
  10. "I Remember California"
  11. "Untitled"

Green 25th Anniversary Disc 1: Live in Greensboro, NC (November 10, 1989)

  1. "Stand"
  2. "The One I Love"
  3. "Turn You Inside Out"
  4. "Belong"
  5. "Exhuming McCarthy"
  6. "Good Advices"
  7. "Orange Crush"
  8. "Cuyahoga"
  9. "These Days"
  10. "World Leader Pretend"
  11. "I Believe"
  12. "Get Up"
  13. "Life And How To Live It"
  14. "Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"
  15. "Pop Song 89"
  16. "Fall On Me"
  17. "You Are The Everything"
  18. "Begin The Begin"
  19. "Low"
  20. "Finest Worksong"
  21. "Perfect Circle"

Record Store Day Exclusive EP: Live in Greensboro, NC (November 10, 1989)

  1. "So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)"
  2. "Feeling Gravitys Pull"
  3. "Strange"
  4. "King of Birds"
  5. "I Remember California"