Samantha Fish Releases 2nd Solo Album Black Wind Howlin' Sept. 20

So excited for Samantha Fish's sophomore effort...
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Blues Music Award-winner Samantha Fish will release her sophomore solo album Black Wind Howlin' on Sept. 20.

I loved her debut Runaway and so did the Blues Foundation, who named the record Best New Artist Debut at the Blues Music Awards. That album was produced by Mike Zito (who just released a new record Gone To Texas) and he returns for that role on BWH. They recorded this new set in Louisiana and Fish gets some studio help from Paul Thorn (vocals), Johnny Sansone (harmonica) and Bo Thomas (fiddle).

Fish wrote 10 of the album's 12 tracks on her own, co-wrote "Go To Hell" with Zito, and does a cover of Howlin' Wolf's "Who's Been Talking?"

Fish has been busy with her solo work as well as some high profile collaborations. She's a featured performer in The Healers, a band that includes Kate Moss, Reese Winans, Jimmy Hall, Kris and Danielle Schnebelen. The Healers released a phenomenal live CD/DVD earlier this year benefitting Blue Star Connection. She's also done work with Dani Wilde and Cassie Taylor in the Girls With Guitars project.

Runaway remains a regular in my rotation and I'm definitely looking forward spending some time with Black Wind Howlin'.

  1. Miles To Go
  2. Kick Around
  3. Go To Hell
  4. Sucker Born
  5. Over You
  6. Who's Been Talking
  7. Lay It Down (Saturday Night)
  8. Let's Have Some Fun
  9. Heartbreaker
  10. Foolin' Me
  11. Black Winds Howlin'
  12. Last September