Interview: Sebastian Bach Talks 'Abachalypse Now' Live CD/DVD

Sebastian Bach talks about his new live CD/DVD, Kicking & Screaming, and Skid Row...
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Monday March 20, 2013 means a lot of things to a lot of people, I'm sure babies were born this day, graduations happened, first steps were taken, weddings, engagements and all that crap. While that's all well and good 3/20/13 will forever be known as the The Day I Talked To Sebastian Bach. I win. 

I called Sebastian Bach to discuss his now released live CD/DVD ABachalypse Now and got more than I bargained for as we discussed Red Velvet Pancakes from IHOP, sobriety, being present in the moment, and being a cheerleader.  After brief introductions and "How is your day going?" small talk (where he said my full name, TWICE), we got right to the important stuff: pancakes from IHOP. Sebastian was eatng with his fiance Minnie while we chit chatted. 

Sebastian: These are so decadent. I don't drink anymore and my girl said 'Sebastian, if you don't drink you can actually eat and enjoy food."

BlindedBySound: Food can be more enjoyable than drinking...

SB: Well, no I actually love to drink (laughs), I've been drinking and partying for decades, I'm one of those fucking guys. When I'm sober I realize the little things in life are so enjoyable like good weather, a hot shower, a hug, a pancake. Things that when you're hungover you're like (grunts) "who cares?!" but, sober even driving in L.A. with the top down and the sun shining and the crisp air is ust so enoyable. When I was drinking I just wanted to hide in my hotel room. It's a different way of living but, it came to perspective for me the other day when I read a Sarah Silverman tweet and it said "Drinking ages so well on people!" And I thought, hmm, it really doesn't. 

He then goes on to tell me his girlfriend told him she never went to a party and sought out the drunkest guy there and thought 'Hey! That's the guy for me!' The points were all well taken and Sebastian's back on the wagon and sounds and feels great. 

BBS: Tell me about this upcoming live CD and DVD combo. When I first heard of it's inception I was  under the  impression it was just a DVD.

SB: It's called Abachalypse Nowand features three concerts: GrasPop from Belgium, HellFest from France and ­­­­­­­the Nokia show­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ from Los Angeles. The thing that's interesting about these concerts is they're totally different. The one in France is in front of 50, 000 peeople in the sun and it's an outdoor show. With the clouds and sky and has a Woodstock vibe. The LA show is dark and indoor. And the funniest one to me is GrasPop because we got caught in a torrential downpour. It was hilarious because I've never seen a live concert where the weather was a torrential rainstorm, I had to sit still because it was so wet I couldn't go running around or I'd go flying off the stage. I had to stand there in a puddle of water and use my voice. That's all I had to work with for that show. I learned a lot, I learned I sing better when I'm not running and jumping like a cheerleader. I learned I sing far more accurately when I'm standing there in a puddle of water. I'm getting older and as a performer you always learn things about yourself. In the future I'm going to stand there and sing rather than try to be an athlete. I'm still going to be a frontman but it's more impressive to me, watching me sing the best I can than doing a pirouette and a twirl and giving jazz hands. 

BBS: (warning - here comes the fangirl gushing) I can't wait to see that. My copy of the DVD is on it's way and I'll review it. But, having seen you at every incarnation of your career starting with the show in the early '90s where Pantera opened for you in Orlando I cannot imagine a show with you standing still and singing.

SB: Right on, I remember that concert

BBS: That was the most high energy concert I have been to to this day and set the bar for all live shows I saw after that. 

SB: I will tell you - Pantera was not an easy band to follow. Those motherfuckers rocked hard. Like as hard as any band I've ever seen. That was a great tour, definitely. 

BBS: The atmosphere was electric there and left a lasting impression.

SB: Right on, right on. Then you're going to love this DVD. 

BBS: (More gushing, god i 'm so sorry): I've seen you with The Last Hard Men with Jimmy Flemion, Jimmy Chamberlin, and Kelley Deal... seen you with Jesus Christ Superstar, with Dee Snider and Twisted Sister back in their makeup. I've witnessed the entire metamorphisis. The one thing that ties all these together was movement. I cannot imagine you standing still. I'm really curious and excited to see that. 

SB: Well you know Tom Araya from Slayer is one the the greatest frontmen of all time and he injured his neck and back from headbanging in that figure eight motion that I do all the time. He destroyed his back and had to get surgery and is not physically able to headbang anymore because of the damage he's done. I'm not at that point yet or anything but, when you're banging your head as hard as you can. I kind of wonder what's happening to my brain as it's bashing into the wall of my skull. I look at footage of myself and think 'maybe that's not so good for you' (laughter). I don't see most people banging their heads like trying to snap their craniums off their necks. Basically Heather (OMG Sebastian Bach SAID MY NAME CONVERSATIONALLY), the reason I'm telling you and the world is that it's more impressive to me artistically to be more accurate and good than be a cheeerleader. 

BBS: This is just part of the Sebastian Bach evolution.

SB: I really think so. I mean I used to think on the stage about my movements and moves even more than the singing because you know singing is something that's natural to me and comes so easy. I would think of and look at footage of people like Prince and James Brown to watch their moves. At the end of the day though the music is more importnt than all that. 

BBS: Absolutely. So is Abachalypse Now your sixth live DVD? I know Oh Say Can You Scream  and Road Kill with Skid Row, Forever Wild, and there were DVDs with Angel Down and Kicking And Screaming, am I missing one?

SB: There was the DVD with Angel Down called Road Rage and a live version of "As Long As I Got The Music" came with Kicking And ScreamingSo I've put out a lot of live material. 

BBS: Is that essential to you, puttng out live versions with your studio work?

SB: I think of bands like Rush that seem to go in a cycle where they put out an album then document the tour with a live video. Pretty mch every tour they do that. It' s not hard to aim a camera, turn it on and watch me sing (laughs). 

BSS: I love that the setlist from these shows covers your work with Skid Row, and your last two solo albums Angel Down and Kicking And Screaming. It's the perfect compilation and over view of your career. If I were to cherry pick what I'd want to hear, these are all on the list. 

SB: That's so cool, thank you for saying that. There's a debate. Some fans want more Skid Row stuff, some want less, other wanted only solo, so thank you for saying that. I wanted to pick a little from all my projects and songs I love and that rock.

BBS: I'd say you absolutely succeeded with that and I cannot wait to feast my eyes and ears on this latest endeavor of yours.

This is where we said goodbye and my inner 14 year old fanned herself, said "Oh my GOD," regained her breathing and wondered if anyone would notice the rash and welts she broke out in during this over 20 minute interview. Oh wait, that was my 38 year old self. 

I've now received the CD/DVD and the CDs are a staple in my car and the DVD is as enjoyable as Sebastian promised, if not moreso. Look for my upcoming review.