Shelby Lynne's 'Revelation Road' Due Oct. 18

Lynne self-releases her third album since 2010...
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Shelby Lynne

Singer/songwriter (and Blinded By Sound favorite) Shelby Lynne will release Revelation Road on her own Everso label October 18.

The 11-track Revelation will be the third she's self-released following Tears, Lies And Alibis and a Christmas collection. I haven't heard the Christmas set but was a big fan of Tears..., particularly the incredible "Loser Dreamer."

The collection is being touted as Lynne's most personal yet. Longtime fans who know Lynne's biography know there is fertile ground in her past from which to draw and Lynne's approach to singing and songwriting is almost blinding in its honesty.

"The heartbeat of the song has to come through," she said. "Hopefully people will listen to the songs and see that I put my heart and my soul into this thing."

I don't think she knows how to do it any other way- especially without some asshole from a label trying to interfere.

In addition to this third album since 2010, Lynne has done a string of dates with her sister Allison Moorer and the two have discussed collaborating on an album. It's not that I'm not looking forward to Revelation Road because I am, but that's a record I'm dying to hear! I have a ton of respect for them both on their own as singers and songwriters; I haev a hunch that might be just a little bit of a special record if they find time to bring it to fruition. I'm also still holding out hope for a deluxe, remastered version of her classic I Am Shelby Lynne record (please, someone make this happen!).

For now, suffice it to say we are giddy with anticipation about Revelation Road and will be all over this in OCtober.

Revelation Road - Track Listing

  1. Revelation Road
  2. I'll Hold Your Head
  3. Even Angels
  4. Lead Me Love
  5. The Thief
  6. Woebegone
  7. I Want To Go Back
  8. I Don't Need A Reason To Cry
  9. Toss It All Aside
  10. Heaven's Only Days Down The Road
  11. I Won't Leave You