Stream New Single "Demons" From The National

A video for the first single "Demons" is released today...
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The National have issued the first single, "Demons," from their May 21 album Trouble Will Find Me via a YouTube video that also gives fans a "behind the scenes" look at the creation of the rather unusual cover art for the band's sixth album. We have the complete tracklisting for the record and a release date; there's still no official word on whether "Demons" will be offered up as a digital single at iTunes, Amazon, et al. For now, you have this video if you want to sample the awesome.

The band has been playing several songs from the upcoming album in recent shows, including a recent surprise gig in Berlin (we have video!), but this marks the first chance to hear a finished studio product from the album and... I'm conflicted about whether I want to listen to it now and get a taste or wait for the album proper and get the whole experience on release day. Ah, decisions decisions.

That said, I know many of you have no such conflicts so I am happy to share with you the opportunity to hear "Demons" and see the work that went into creating the image for Trouble Will Find Me. May 21 feels so far away. How strong is my will power? Feel free to tell me what I'm (for now) missing out on in the comments after you take a look!