The National Announce 6th LP 'Trouble Will Find Me' Tracklisting, May 21 Release

The National unveil details about their sixth studio record...
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The National will release their sixth full-length album Trouble Will Find Me, a surefire contender for album of the year, on May 21 and have revealed the song titles for the 13-track LP that follows up their critically acclaimed and most commercially successful album to date, High Violet.

The band have been working on the record for some time and previewed several songs for possible inclusion much as they did with High Violet following Boxer. Some of those songs have made the album, notedly "I Need My Girl." It is believed some of the other songs on Trouble were played under names that have subsequently been changed. The odd man out appears to be a song called "Rylan," which is outstanding. Maybe they gave it a new name but for now it appears to have been left off and that, kids, is a shame. I'm getting ahead of myself, though. It's also worth noting excellent songs that followed High Violet for various soundtracks like the incredible "Think You Can Wait," featuring Sharon Van Etten, and "Exile Villify" didn't come forward for this record. It wouldn't be a surprise to see any of these show up on a deluxe version or EP later on as it's something they've done on recent albums. We'll keep our eye out for that because I'm still getting ahead of myself.

Lead singer Matt Berninger has given just a bit of a preview of what fans can expect from this latest album, saying, ""For the past ten years we'd been chasing something, wanting to prove something, And this chase was about trying to disprove our own insecurities. After touring High Violet, I think we felt like we'd finally gotten there. Now we could relax--not in terms of our own expectations but we didn't have to prove our identity any longer."

As you can see, they've also released the artwork for the new album. Strange, that. I'm not sure what to make of it other than I probably won't leave the CD or vinyl sitting out when my younger nieces and nephews come over. I inadvertently freaked one of them out when they saw the dude with the three eggs in his mouth on the collaeg that is the cover of Exile On Main Street. Lesson learned.

This is big news, kids, and I cannot wait to hear these 13 songs. Here is the complete tracklisting for Trouble Will Find Me.

  1. I Should Live in Salt
  2. Demons
  3. Don't Swallow the Cap
  4. Fireproof
  5. Sea of Love
  6. Heaenfaced
  7. This is the Last Time
  8. Graceless
  9. Slipped
  10. I Need My Girl
  11. Humiliation
  12. Pink Rabbits
  13. Hard to Find