The National Play "Don't Swallow The Cap" On Letterman, Play Secret NY Show As 'Trouble Will Find Me' Released

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I've nearly completed my epic review of Trouble Will Find Me, the sixth album from The National. While I'm finishing this opus, the band has been hard at work promoting thier latest effort with an appearance on David Letterman as well as a surprise show in New York.

They played two songs on Jimmy Fallon recently and then on Monday hit Letterman and played "Don't Swallow The Cap." It's a fantastic performance of one of the best songs on this record and the sound quality is surprisingly good for a TV performance. These late night performances and the Grammys, etc. are famous for having bad sound during musical performances and The National don't make it easy by having 311 people on stage when they play but we have a good sounding, great performance of an amazing song. Check out the video below.

The band announced a surprise, secret show yesterday and played several songs from Trouble Will Find Me, including a couple that didn't show up when they played in Ithaca to kick off the tour. The big one here is "Pink Rabbits," a brilliantly absurd song I'm deeply in love with and was afraid might not make it to the stage. It's still way too early to tell what their tour is going to look like but I take comfort in seeing "Pink Rabbits" coming out. Now I just need to get them to work "Slipped" into these sets!

Take a look at the Letterman video and the setlist from the secret show and prepare yourselves for what might be the longest album review in world history.

TheNationalMercuryLoungeSetlist.jpgThe National at Mercury Lounge - 5/21/13 Setlist:

  1. Secret Meeting
  2. Don't Swallow the Cap
  3. Bloodbuzz Ohio
  4. Heavenfaced
  5. Sea of Love
  6. This is the Last Time
  7. I Need My Girl
  8. Abel
  9. Pink Rabbits
  10. Humiliation
  11. Graceless
  12. Mr. November
  13. I Should Live In Salt
  14. Terrible Love