The National Shake Things Up With A Little "Salt" in Richmond, VA (Setlist)

"All The Wine" gets its tour premiere...
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The National capped a five-night run of shows in Richmond last night and there were a few shifts to the setlist, mainly in the sequencing department. It was a source of perverse delight that they opened so many shows on the High Violet tour with "Runaway" and tonight they did the near equivalent with "I Should Live In Salt" as the set opener. 

There are two other items that set last night's show apart from others at this early stage in the tour. The first is the premiere of "All The Wine," an infrequently played track from Alligator. I actually got this one when they played Atlanta on the HV tour. I wouldn't mark it as a favorite but knowing it's rare was glad to add it to the list. The other interesting factoid and one that would have delighted and annoyed me is they apparently teased the crowd with a snipped of "You've Done It Again, Virginia," a b-side for "Lit Up" from Alligator released on the Virginia EP following Boxer, before kicking into "Pink Rabbits." I really like "Virginia" and would have been ecstatic to hear it. They should have gone ahead and played that one out to the end.

I suppose knowing they were about to get a rare day off inspired them to bring the set back up to 24 songs after trimming things back the night before in Philadelphia. They are off today before resuming in Raleigh. Enjoy your day off, gents, and get "Wasp Nest" ready for Nashville. You have plenty of time. I have a few other setlist suggestions so I hope someone over there is paying attention. That column is forthcoming. 

In the meantime, here's the June 8, 2013 Richmond, VA setlist:

  1. I Should Live In Salt
  2. Anyone's Ghost
  3. Don't Swallow the Cap
  4. Bloodbuzz Ohio
  5. Sea of Love
  6. Slipped
  7. Afraid of Everyone
  8. Conversation 16
  9. Squalor Victoria
  10. I Need My Girl
  11. This is the Last Time
  12. All the Wine
  13. Abel
  14. Apartment Story
  15. Pink Rabbits (with 'You've Done It Again Virgina' tease)
  16. England
  17. Graceless
  18. About Today
  19. Fake Empire
  20. Humiliation
  21. Sorrow
  22. Mr. November
  23. Terrible Love
  24. Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks