Tom Waits Releases 'Bad As Me' October 25

A new album is announced in typical Tom Waits style.
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Tom Waits - Bad As MeNever to do anything in a conventional way. Never to be seen as average. Tom Waits, with typical flair announced yesterday that his new album, Bad as Me, will be relased on October 25. The anouncement was made on his website and Facebook page via a video that mocks the Internet's insatiable need to spread news, rumors and entire albums before they are released at lightning speed across the globe. 

The video is entitled "Private Listening Party" and it shows Waits listening to parts of the new album before talking to the camera irritated that his private party has gone viral. He then walks off disgusted with the whole situation saying that he'll be back when he comes up with a new idea on how to keep the album private. I won't spoil it but his idea is both hilarious and completely Tom Waitsian.

You can download the "Bad as Me" single from Amazon and preorder the album there as well. Amazon also lists a vinyl version, a regular CD version and a Deluxe Edition CD version. Presumably we'll get further details about the album as we get closer to the release date. Until then we can dig on Waits subversive humor and ponder the coolness of the new single.

Track listing:

  1. Chicago 
  2. Raised Right 
  3. Men Talking At The Same Time 
  4. Get Los 
  5. Face To The Highway 
  6. Pay Me Back 
  7. In The Crowd 
  8. Bad As Me 
  9. Kiss Me 
  10. Satisfied 
  11. Last Leaf 
  12. Hell Broke Luce 
  13. New Year's Eve 

Deluxe Edition Disk 2:

  1. She Stole The Blush 
  2. Tell Me 
  3. After You Die