Van Halen To Release Live Set With Roth March 31

It's not quite a reunion album but it's the first VH live album with Diamond Dave and features most of the hits!
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I don't know what has taken so long but the Van Halen "Reunion"/A Different Kind Of Truth tour is finally being documented with a live album to be released March 31, taken from their June 21 appearance at the Tokyo Dome.

This is the first VH live album to feature founding frontman Diamond David Lee Roth but the bass chores were handled by Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang rather than original bassist Michael Anthony.

The 25-song set will be spread across 2 CDs (also available on vinyl) and includes most of the Roth-era hits a fan would want along with a smattering of selections from Truth. I may be the only one surprised to see that "I'll Wait," a favorite from 1984, made the cut. It's a shame "...And The Cradle Will Rock" didn't but most of the important hits from that era were performed. I'm probably the only person who wishes "Me Wise Magic" from their first Greatest Hits effort was here, likely not performed because the only new songs they were going to push were going to be from the live album and possibly because I'm the only person I know who likes that song.

The only things left for VH fans to hope for is that the band will find quality vintage, live material from the original lineup and that fences will be mended and a tour mounted with the original quartet. I wouldn't hold my breath but we can all dream. In the meantime, check out the tracklisting for the set. Are you in? What songs do you wish were part of this set?

  1. "Unchained"
  2. "Runnin' with the Devil"
  3. "She's the Woman"
  4. "I'm the One"
  5. "Tattoo"
  6. "Everybody Wants Some!!"
  7. "Somebody Get Me a Doctor"
  8. "Chinatown"
  9. "Hear About It Later"
  10. "(Oh) Pretty Woman"
  11. "Me & You" (Drum Solo)
  12. "You Really Got Me"
  13. "Dance the Night Away"
  14. "I'll Wait"
  15. "Cradle Will Rock"
  16. "Hot for Teacher"
  17. "Women in Love"
  18. "Romeo Delight"
  19. "Mean Street"
  20. "Beautiful Girls"
  21. "Ice Cream Man"
  22. "Panama"
  23. "Eruption"
  24. "Ain't Talkin''Bout Love"
  25. "Jump"