Nick Moss, Curtis Salgado, & Michael Ledbetter - Live @ Chicago Blues Fest

A glimpse of what we missed and a taste of what's to come...
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All the talk about Nick Moss' upcoming Here I Am in October and hearing a likely first single from the album has me jonesing for some Chicago blues, something that was on display last week at the Chicago Blues Festival and Nick was part of that again this year. One of these days, I'm going to make my way it even though blues guru Bill Dahl says the event has declined in recent years. Even if the event has lost some luster, Bill, The Fount Of All Blues Knowledge, and I agree that catching Nick Moss live is always worthwhile. Moss played several shows around the city during the festival and was accompanied by none other than Curits Salgado. 

You think that might have been any good? Here check out this video and hear a little clip of what we all missed! Michael Ledbetter handles the vocals on this clip, which gives you a little glimpse of what we can expect to hear on Here I Am because Michael sings on "It'll Turn Around." I can't wait until I can post a clip of that song for you. You all need to hear it! This album is going to be serious.

Here is Nick, Michael, and Curtis in Chicago last week. Enjoy!