Nick Moss Stirs Up 'Late Night' Magic On Don Odell's Legends (Video)

A Flip Top classic gets an extended workout...
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Nick Moss Band - Flip Tops - Don Odell's Legends - "Late Night Saint" is one of my favorite Nick Moss songs, recorded with one of his classic Flip Tops lineups -- featuring Gerry Hundt, Willie Oshawny, and the late Bob Carter -- for the Play It 'Til Tomorrow album. Eddie Taylor Jr. guested on the cut, providing rhythm guitar, something that great Flip Tops lineup didn't have when they traveled. I always chalked that up as one of the reasons I never got to hear this one live when seeing the band.

Welcome to 2012 and the new lineup of Moss' backing band, featuring Michael Ledbetter on second guitar and backing vocals (along with the great Travis Reed on keys, Matthew Wilson on bass guitar, and Patrick Seals on drums) and we now have a great live jam of this killer song about a little lovin' late at night.

Willie Oshawny's piano on the studio version hammered like a heavyweight's fist and it's great. Reed has more of a velvet touch on the keys and plays organ instead of piano, and the mood changes without sacrificing the fire of the original. They play with the tempo, tone, and volume and Moss lays down a pair of stellar guitar solos.

Moss and this band are on the road all summer playing dates throughout the US and will also be heading overseas for some European gigs. Check out this video of a classic original and catch them when they come by. Whether they play this cut from a few years back or songs from their latest record Here I Am, you're going to hear some of the baddest blues being played by anyone, anywhere.