Nick Moss To Release 'Here I Am' in October

Award-winning bluesman Nick Moss is readying his latest CD for the fall...
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Nick MossNick Moss will release Here I Am, their much-anticipated follow-up to the breakthrough 2010 release Privileged, in October.

Here I Am will carry on the rock-fused blues and roots approach of Privileged with a new batch of songs and some new sonic ideas previously not heard on Moss' records.

In addition to the new sounds, some new players have been added to the Flip Top lineup. Guitarist/vocalist Michael Ledbetter makes his presence felt in a big way "It'll Turn Around," one of the first songs slated for the new set.

Ledbetter gives a great harmony vocal to Moss' lead, a dimension not often a part of the band's sound. He even steps out front on the full-length version of the track – the album version clocks in at over 8 minutes while the radio edit trims that back – adding to the soulfulness with roaring vocals to accent some greasy slide guitar from Moss. Keyboard man Travis Reed joined up with the Flip Tops on Privileged and his smooth, velvet touch is the backbone of this track.

I'm not always a great at predicting hits but this song just screams to be cranked loud on the radio and there's no way this doesn't get people moving at shows when the Here I Am world tour cranks up in full force.

The scary part is Moss is still toying with ideas for the track as he puts the finishing touches on everything while feverishly trying to finish the mixes and master the album for the fall release. We're in for a treat if this possibly unfinished track is any indication. Moss is certainly excited about what's in the can right now.

"Wait until you here the rest of it," he said.

Good things come to those who wait but Tom Petty is right: that is the hardest part.