Noel Gallagher Releases Non-LP Download "Alone On The Rope" in UK

US Fans will have to settle for streaming it via YouTube...
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Noel Gallagher - Alone On The RopeI've got good news (for some of you) bad news (for the moment) for the many, and an olive branch of sorts at the end: the good news is Noel Gallagher is releasing a track today or tomorrow -- I've read conflicting reports on this -- that won't appear on his upcoming High Flying Birds LP called "Alone On The Rope." That's good news... if you live in the UK. The bad news is the track is not presently available as a legal download in the US. Also available for streaming now is the B-side to the "AKA...What A Life!" single, "Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me."

I'm afraid to use the word ironic for fear of being labled Alanis Morrisette but on the same day the US Supreme Court rejects the music publishing industry's request to have the act of downloading music considered a public performance -- just the downloading part, not the part where you actually listen to the fucking thing -- I can't pay to download a track because copyright laws are so jacked up. The result: I can either not have the song to listen to (and no one gets paid) or I can take the risk of looking for an illegal download of the song (and no one gets paid).

Great business model, dicks. The only way for 300 million potential music fans to get 'hold of "Alone On The Rope" is to do so in a way guaranteeing the artist, label, and publishers get nada. Illegal downloading of music is killing the business because you clowns can't figure out a way to sell something people want! Yes, well done. I don't condone music theft but I understand it on some level, like when shit like this happens.

The olive branch is we can listen to the song via YouTube- that and maybe, just maybe, someone will wise up and put the fucking song on sale in the US. Until then, bookmark this page and join me in repeated streams of our hero Noel Gallagher and keep counting the days for High Flying Birds.