Old 97s - Live from Austin

The Old 97s perform at Blues on the Green in Austin, TX
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Old 97s

If you like the Old 97s but weren’t able to make it to last night’s Blues on The Green show in Austin, TX (or maybe you were there, and were a bit delirious from the 104 degree heat) – here’s a must see video of their entire set.  The band is on tour supporting The Grand Theatre, Vol. 2 which was released 7/5.  The record, a companion to The Grand Theatre Volume One which was released last October, is the band’s 9th studio record.  While I haven’t reviewed it yet formally, I will skip to the punchline and tell you it’s fantastic.

The video is incredibly well done, capturing the magic that is a live 97s performance – including the amazing guitar work of Ken Bethea and the near famous hip shaking from front man Rhett Miller.  The band, which is from Texas, is clearly in their element playing their signature alt/country tunes for an audience of Texans.  I’ve seen this band so many times, in so many different parts of the country, and they just never disappoint. If they are coming to a town near you – do yourself a favor and go.

Here’s the set list from the show:

  1. No Simple Machine
  2. Won’t Be Home
  3. Champaign, Illinois
  4. Rolling Stone From Texas
  5. Jagged
  6. Brown Haired Daughter
  7. Barrier Reef
  8. State of Texas
  9. Perfume
  10. West Texas Teardrops
  11. Question
  12. Rollerskate Skinny
  13. I’m a Trainwreck
  14. Momma Tried (Merle Haggard Cover)
  15. Driver 8 (REM cover)
  16. Every Night is Friday Night
  17. Big Brown Eyes
  18. Dance With Me
  19. Time Bomb