Peter Karp & Sue Foley Release Video For "More Than I Bargained For" From New CD 'Beyond The Crossroads'

What if love is real...?
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Peter Karp & Sue Foley - More Than I Bargained For - Beyond The CrossroadsPeter Karp and Sue Foley have released the first video from their new album Beyond The Crossroads for the song "More Than I Bargained For."

This is one of my favorite tunes on the new disc and I look forward to talking about the set in greater detail in the coming days but in the meantime you have the opportunity to get a little taste from it while we wait for me to get caught up and finished with my review.

The search for love is hardwired into human DNA in ways science and poets have tried to explain with limited degrees of success and accuracy. Love is the great mystery. Springsteen wrote in "Tunnel of Love" that it "ought to be easy, ought to be simple enough: man meets woman and they fall in love." What's so complicated, right? You have to read the fine print or at least listen to the next line in the song: "but this house is haunted and the road gets rough." Enter Karp and Foley's "More Than I Bargained For."

The man and woman in this song have had their share of misses and experience being an essential teacher, they've learned some lessons about the journey that leads to love. Karp sings of a man who believes love is for fools and he's tried to stay one step ahead of it. Foley sings of a woman who has been a bit of a player, having her fun along the way. She stacked the deck and made sure she won the game by never letting anyone ever get too deep inside her heart.

Suppose these two meet each other: it could be recipe for a lot of fun because no one is really looking for that connection. They also walk that tightrope we've all walked, whether they realize it or not. What if one of them falls for the other while the other continues to dodge the more serious emotional implications? It also have the makings of a short-lived romance with "failure to launch" written all over it because neither is looking to stick around long enough for something behind lust, fun, and infatuation to take hold.

So what would happen if they did? What if they stumbled onto something more, something real? Would they recognize it? Would they know what to do? What if they got more more than they bargained for? That's what happen to this couple in the song and those are the kinds of questions they're asking themselves. hey've come to this crossroads and found out the games(wo)manship only takes you so far. The real thing requires something very different than the tools and tricks they've equipped themselves with to this point. Are they ready to love one another? Do they know how to let themselves be loved?

Check out the video to "More Than I Bargained For" from Peter Karp & Sue Fole's Beyond The Crossroads and be on the lookout for my review of the album, Coming Soon!