A Winter Playlist: Little Feat, Steve Miller Band, Neil Young & More...

10 songs about the cold to keep you warm on a winter's night...
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New Yorkers can be such wusses. They act like there has never been snow like this  and get pissed off with the mayor because the streets are not clean. I think they should spend a Winter in Albany. They also freak out when they finally have to move three feet of snow off their car – after three freaking weeks! Granted, I have seen some cars that will possibly be in the same spot until June. I don’t even know where the cops will stick the ticket on several cars.

In honor of winter and staying inside, I have put together my ten favorite winter songs and a couple of alternates. Let me know if you agree.

10. "Cold Cold Cold" – Little Feat

One of only two songs on my list not from someone who grew up in warm climates. This is a really great winter song even if you don’t know if Lowell was talking about a cold needle or bottle.

9. "Wintertime" – Steve Miller Band

Love him ring or hate him, Steve Miller is a part of our lives. This song sums up his privileged upbringing in the midwest. Possibly written after he went outside without his mittens.

8. "Valentine’s Day" – Steve Earle

Who amongst us has forgotten or could not afford to send a Valentine? Who can remember what it was like to get the smallest number of cards in a third grade class? I think Steve can answer all these questions with the perfect song…

7. "Journey Through the Past" – Neil Young

A great winter song from a great winter album that almost no one heard.

6. "Temporary Road" – John Gorka

Haven’t we all taken chances when we were kids that could have cost us our lives or our parent a lot of dough? This song is for adults who still take those chances.

5. "The Coldest Night of the Year" – Bruce Cockburn

For the designated driver in all of us…’nuff said.

4. "10 Degrees and Getting Colder" – Gordon Lightfoot

If this man cannot make you feel warm or cold with just a turn of a phrase, no one can

3. "5 Degrees Below Zero" – Richmond Fontaine

This is for everyone who has ever taken a bus to anywhere

2. "Bruised Orange" – John Prine

I think John Prine was about 30 when he wrote this song. How does someone write a line like “My head shouted down to my heart you better look out below ?

1."'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel" – Cowboy Junkies

This song is so filled with so many great lines I couldn’t choose just one. Okay, maybe “your body for my soul ‘cause cheap is what I feel.” Now that's cold.