Copeland - A Day Late & A Dollar Short

I'm always late to the party...
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CopelandI got turned on to Copeland after hearing Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman pledge his love for the band.  I started listening to their Eat, Sleep, Repeat CD and fell in love with them myself.  I started digging around the 'net looking for more information about this new musical BFF and the first thing I learn is that they are no longer.  Brilliant.  I fall for them just as they head off into the sunset.

I had two ideas for articles today.  The first was Springsteen's debut Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ turning 38 and I posted it this morning.  I should be working on the second idea right now and I would be except for the fact I started listening to Copeland this morning and I cannot stop.  Why fight it?  Let's talk Copeland.

I'm not an expert on the band but I've added Beneath Medicine Tree, Dressed Up & In Line, In Motion, You Are My Sunshine, and Know Nothing Stays The Same since falling in love with Eat, Sleep, Repeat.  That may not be everything but I'm pretty sure that's most of it.  None of those albums are as magical to me as ESR but I like something on every one of those releases and I'm gutted they aren't to make anything else now that I've finally arrived at the party.

I'd like to offer a little prime for those of you who aren't one of those obsessives who buy everything you can get your hands on when you fall in love with a band.  These are the songs I'd go try and score at iTunes or Amazon if I were you, and I'd do it right now.

From Eat Sleep Repeat, I'd grab:

  • "I'm A Sucker For A Kind Word"
  • "Control Freak"
  • "Eat, Sleep, Repeat"
  • Friends, if you do nothing else, buy "I'm A Sucker For A Kind Word."  The arrangement is great and the vocal is so warm and fantastically layered- you will fall in love with it instantly.  Listen carefully to the music beneath.  It is pure pop genius.

    From You Are My Sunshine, you must have "Chin Up."  Aaron Marsh can be clever with a title and word play and takes it somewhere you don't expect.  "Control Freak" and "Chin Up" are both examples.  I've listened to "Chin Up" at least nine times today.  I recommend you do the same.

    From Beneath Medicine Tree:

  • "When Paula Sparks"
  • "California"
  • I don't know what "Paula" is about but there's something that draws me deep inside it.  I'm a sucker for pretty, melancholy songs and Copeland crafts songs that have that feel.  That's probably what I like about "Paula."  The guitar leads and climax of "California" are brilliant.

    If those don't do anything for you -- and they should -- try something off-kilter from Copeland.  These guys like -- liked -- to do unusual covers.  That's what the Know Nothing Stays The Same EP is.  Their version of Carly Simon's sappy "Coming Around Again" and Billy Joel's "She's Always A Woman" are actually fantastic.  They share space on the EP with covers of Stevie Wonder's "Part-Time Lover," Berlin's "Take My Breath Away," and Phil Collins' "Another Day in Paradise."  I'm more a fan of the first two than the others.

    That's how I spent my day today, picking through my Copeland collection.  There are other good songs and I haven't fully digested everything I've got but I love their gooey brand of pop and I'm sad they aren't together making more of it.