Listful Thinking: Top 5 Huey Lewis & The News Songs

In which our hero reflects on high school, baseball, dating, and Huey Lewis' Top 5 songs...
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Yesterday it was Elton John in this feature and today it's Huey Lewis & The News. Let's get... random...

I am prepared to admit the following:

  • I liked Huey Lewis & The News when I was a kid in the '80s
  • There are a few songs ("Hip To Be Sqaure," "Bad Is Bad") that make me embarrassed to admit I liked Huey Lewis & The News even though I was a kid and it was the '80s
  • Five of those songs still hold up today

This basic bar band from Frisco somehow ended up with a record deal and a flurry of hits followed. You wouldn't know they were a bar band when you listen to most of their biggest hits as it seemed they traded in any rough edges they might have possessed for pop hooks and broad appeal. Lewis kept a bit of rasp in his voice but that was the extent of their edginess. There are random moments when one of their catchier tunes pops into my head and I find myself wishing I had a couple of their songs on my iPod. Here's another random aside: Huntsville is about to say goodbye to their AA affiliate the Stars. I saw Huey Lewis & The News play after a Huntsville Stars game at Joe Davis Stadium back in '92. It stands out in part because it was one of approximately 5 dates I had before the age of 21. The show was better than the date. With that, here are my Top 5 Huey Lewis songs:

  1. The Power Of Love: Think, McFly, think! Back To The Future is a classic film in its own right but the music of the respective eras depicted in the film is vital to the storytelling. This is no "Johnny B. Goode" but it's a damn solid, reasonably well-crafted tune that doesn't bear too many of the more embarrassing aspects of '80s rock production.
  2. The Heart Of Rock & Roll: There are myriad songs about music and most of them are crap but a few of them actually work. "The Heart Of Rock & Roll" doesn't top the list but it makes it on there.
  3. Couple Days Off: You punks can work for the weekend but all I want is a couple days off. It doesn't get many points for originality but this is a Friday, 5 PM song that should get the blood and fist pumpin'.
  4. Jacob's Ladder: I never bothered finding out how it is Huey Lewis recorded this Bruce Hornsby song but I'm glad they did. I'm assuming Bruce got a couple nice royalty checks off this one because it was a big-ass hit at the time. It's a great song. Lewis' arrangement and production feel slick and dated and yet the performance and especially the song are strong enough to keep this listenable.
  5. Back In Time: It wasn't nearly as popular as "The Power Of Love" but I liked it better at the time. I was wrong then but you all should've given it a little more thought than you did. It still sounds pretty good.