Listful Thinking: Top 5 Weezer Songs

In which our hero slices five gems from the career of the mighty, mighty Weezer!
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We travel to the wonderful world of Weezer for our latest edition of Listful Thinking. Condensing nine albums and two decades of music into a Top 5 was no easy task. I'm still wrestling with my choices and confess this list could look different if I revisited it next week or I might actually come back with the same five. So here they are, today's Top 5 Weezer songs:

  • "My Name Is Jonas" - One of the finest power pop compositions of the '90s. I love the fleeting acoustic noodling that is pummeled by a fuzzed riff that later becomes a thrilling, thrashing sprint to the end. This has to be considered on the list of best songs to open a '90s album. Magic.
  • "Island In The Sun" - Weezer's comeback single following the extended hiatus after their misunderstood sophomore masterpiece Pinkerton. This is pure pop at its sweetest with a melody as appealing as its title.
  • "Pink Triangle" - So about that misunderstood masterpiece Pinkerton... it's easy to see how it got missed at the time and it's to my surprise and delight that so many listeners re-discovered what a fantastic record this is. This has to be one of the best choruses Rivers Cuomo has ever penned.
  • "Holiday" - This is where I'm going to get some grief from some of you but I had to do it. I knew I was going back to 'The Blue Album' for a second helping and there are SO many songs I longed to choose but I love the do-woppy harmonies and breakdown in the middle of the song and the unrestrained yearning for a permanent vacation. This song makes me want to run to my car and hit the road, headed for somewhere or nowhere in particular... in a HEARTBEAT!
  • "The Good Life" - I know, I know, four of my songs come from two of their nine records and that's not very represenative. It's not fair to the fine work they continue to do but those first two records are the foundation of what Weezer is all about. I realize I've taken two of the more accessible songs from Pinkerton but this is another of Rivers' great choruses and those are what makes him one of the great pop writers of his generation. Who can listen to this song and not walk around the rest of the day singing about "Shaking booty, making sweet love all the night"? Not me.