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Listfully Speaking: Top 5 Blur Songs

My Top 5 Blur songs
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I was late to the Blur party, owing mostly to the fact they never had as many US hits in their heyday as their countrymen Oasis, who I absolutely love. Good things come to those what wait and I did eventually discover the brilliance of Blur and deeply admire the depth of their catalog. To that end, I've tortured myself by limiting myself to a mere 5 songs from their voluminous discography which will stand as my Top 5 Blur songs. Parklife: Oi! Oi! Fucking Oi! Phil Daniels, bitches! What a fucking great song this is and it's completely mental.
In college a buddy of mine bought tickets to see the Grateful Dead in Birmingham. He asked me if I wanted to go, but I was short on cash and there were tests to study for so I said no.  I'll catch them next time I figured and let him have his fun.  The year was 1994. Jerry Garcia died a few months later. The Grateful Dead  never came 'round again. To know me is to know I am a Deadhead. I've been kicking myself ever since that day I said no.  You'd think I would learn a lesson from
Randy Travis is a country music legend whom burst onto the scene in 1986 leaving an indelible impression and helping change the face of country music at the time, ushering in what has been referred to as the neo-traditional style which was born as a reaction to the perceived blandness of mainstream country music and pop-country acts such as Anne Murray and Ronnie Milsap. Randy was born in Marshville, NC and after a tumultuous childhood fell into the right situation at the right time after he won a local talent contest and the owner let him cook there by day

Listfully Speaking: Top 5 Beastie Boys Songs

5 of the best from one of the best...
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I distinctly remember the buzz surrounding their magical, misunderstood debut Licensed To Ill and like most kids, the first song I heard from them was the classic single "Fight For Your Right." I remember dubbing a copy on cassette from a friend, sneaking it into the house (no way my parents were letting me buy this one!), and repeatedly listening to it. They were pretty far from most of what comprised my middle school listening and I didn't know what to make of it. Heather is our resident Beasties expert and she may well school me on how wrong I

Listfully Speaking - Albums That Got Away: Stevie Wonder, Black Sabbath, Marvin Gaye, The Band, Patti Smith

Here are 5 albums I'm ashamed to admit I haven't heard...
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So many great albums and not enough time: that's the theme of today's Listfully Speaking. The first edition of this series was my Blues 101 list and the first five albums I would hand someone looking to explore the rich beauty of the blues. They are so amazing it makes me sick that I let so many years of my life go by without hearing them. The universal catalog of song is voluminous and grows every year; the challenge of exposing myself to and absorbing it all is daunting and probably impossible but it's worth it to fight the good

Listfully Speaking: Bryan Adams Has 5 Good Songs (...And I Was Surprised By That)

You didn't ask but I found 5 good songs by Bryan Adams. You're welcome.
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One benefit to having flawless taste in music is never having to write a "guilty pleasure" list or be embarrassed when you admit to liking certain songs. This is going to shock you, boys and girls, but Bryan Adams was not always a wanker. No, really. It's true. I'm not saying he was all the way good, only that he wasn't always a total wanker. I hear you. Yes, he wrote some utter shite and schmaltz and right you are about all those fucking movie songs. I can't defend anything about the Robin Hood movie or song. "Have You Ever

Listfully Speaking: John Mellencamp Top 5

I'm not a hardcore Mellencamp fan but here are 5 songs you have to know...
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BlindedBySound staffer, friend, and loyal sidekick Melinda dubbed me Encyclopedia Nerdicus after suffering through a bevy of my obsessive, opinionated, (and in my mind at least, informative) rants about music and my addict's mentality when it comes to building my musical library. My best friend 11, himself an occasional contributor here, is astonished that my collection boasts albums by artists I don't even like all that much. What can I say? I'm destined to die poor, amigos. So what the fuck does that have to do with anything? I got to thinking this week about songs I can't live without

Listfully Speaking: Blues 101 - The 1st 5 Blues Records You Should Buy

5 albums to help begin your journey through the blues...
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I had no help when I began my journey through a century of blues. I had no compass or map but this was a trip I needed to take and I was willing to risk getting lost. That didn't happen too many times but I did have a few missteps while also repeatedly striking gold. The journey continues but here's a little travelogue for those of you considering booking your own blues vacation. This is my Blues 101 list of 5 Blues Albums You Must Own. A music with such a rich, deep tradition has innumerable entry points. This isn't