Listfully Speaking: Top 5 Blur Songs

My Top 5 Blur songs
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I was late to the Blur party, owing mostly to the fact they never had as many US hits in their heyday as their countrymen Oasis, who I absolutely love. Good things come to those what wait and I did eventually discover the brilliance of Blur and deeply admire the depth of their catalog.

To that end, I've tortured myself by limiting myself to a mere 5 songs from their voluminous discography which will stand as my Top 5 Blur songs.

  1. Parklife: Oi! Oi! Fucking Oi! Phil Daniels, bitches! What a fucking great song this is and it's completely mental. Damon Albarn could be a wicked little genius and this send up is fantastic. Bringing in the well-known actor to perform the verses makes work even better. Fantastically clever and a catchy melody made even more of a spectacle by the great horn chart.
  2. She's So High: An early gem from a band still wandering and finding themselves. It's not their greatest lyric and Albarn seems a little shoegazey and embarrassed to be singing but it's still a great piece of guitar pop that holds up. I'm also a sucker for harmonies and I love the layered vocals in the chorus.
  3. Tracey Jacks: This is one of Albarn's great character sketches but it's more than that. It's also a portrait of mundane, middle class life. There's something in "I'd love to stay here and be normal but it's just so overrated" that will always resonate with me. Great guitar textures from Graham Coxon and a solid melody.
  4. Country House: I was well aware of the feud between Oasis and Blur but had no idea THIS is the song what started it. I'm still more Oasis than Blur but this is one of those instances where Blur deserved the win, "Country House" beating out "Roll With It."
  5. Villa Rosie: I am so wrong for this but I deserve points for going with something what wasn't a single, a deep album cut from the mighty Modern Life Is Rubbish. I love, love, love Graham Coxon's guitar sound on this song. You can hear similar sounds littered throughout the band's discography but it never sounds more like this than this (forgive the John Madden moment there, amigos).

So there you have it, friends. These are my Top 5 Blur songs. Five songs just isn't enough to properly represent how fantastic Blur are but I'll stand with these. What do you think of my list? I don't want to hear any shitting on "Rosie," so don't do it. Let's have yours.