Mix Tape - Blinded By Sound's Summer Running Suggestions

Some of our favorite songs to run to... because who doesn't love a mix tape?
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I consider myself pretty lucky - two of the things i love the most compliment each other perfectly. Not only do I love all things music, but I'm also a runner, triathlete, hot yoga enthusiast, and general masochist. If it sounds like an athletic endeavor you would never in your life like to attempt - my friends and I probably pay to do it.

For me running and music go hand in hand. I can't run without it and most days look forward to my evening run with the headphones turned up to eleven. My favorite way to digest a new record is to lace up my shoes and take it for a lap.

That said, I get bored easily with music - especially when I'm running. An album I love to listen to in my car or office might not be any fun to run to - and on the contrary some of my favorite running tracks aren't on heavy rotation at home 

About once a week I sit down with one of my three ipods designated for running and add new tracks to run to. On my run yesterday (in the brutal Florida sun) I started thinking about some of my favorite running tracks of the moment and thought I'd share them with you in the hopes that you'd share a few in return. Not a runner? Don't worry - these high energy numbers will keep you moving whether you're seeking a PR 5k time, chasing a toddler, or just fighting traffic to work. 

  • Talk on Indolence (Live) The Avett Brothers: I've been known to actually play this song on repeat for an entire run. The brothers Avett are fantastic and this song shows us why
  •  Me and Mia - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists: I could choose several Ted Leo songs as favorites to run to - including his incredible cover of "Since You Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson
  • The Magician - Old 97s: I'm a die hard 97s fan, and this song off their October release "The Grand Theater" is my favorite of the moment
  • Helter Skelter - The Beatles: Some days you just need to put on the white album, turn it up, and take your frustration out on the pavement
  • For the Girl - The Fratellis: Love this song - that's about all I have to say
  • Born With a Broken Heart - David Wax Museum: If you haven't discovered these guys yet do yourself a favor and check them out. Mexican folk meets Americana with a donkey jaw thrown in for fun
  • Leather and Lace - The Smoking Popes: This rocks a classic in a way that Dolly and Kenny just couldn't
  • I Don't Believe in Love - Joe Adragna: Power pop anthem from one of the best pop writers out there
  • Good Day - Jukebox the Ghose: Ben Thornewill is the reason my kids will take piano lessons (nothing like setting high musical standards for children that don't even exist yet…eh?)
  • Dreams (Live from the Benaroya Hall) - Brandi Carlile: Fantastic song made even better by some killer strings courtesy of the Seattle Symphony. Look for a full review of this record some time in the next week
  • This Could All Be Yours Someday - Guster: I love all things Guster but have to say their newest record is consistently motivating me to go farther and faster
  • Hateful - Peter Searcy: I have to say doing research for my Adragna review prompted me to dig out my copy of Could You Please and Thank You from Peter (Peter played Cello on Adragna's Fall Back). That lead me to find this beauty
  • Glad Girls - Guided by Voices: Not only is this song fun, but listening to it reminds me of seeing GBV on their second to last show where I was nearly deaf for three days after
  • Sort this Out - Flapping Flapping: A lesser known and slightly quirkier Glen Phillips Side project, this song always makes me smile
  • Healthy Body - Operation Ivy: The song is more than 15 years old but good ska punk never gets old.
  • That's what I've got - what about you? I'd love some recommendations for new running tunes and would love to hear what music motivates you. In the meantime, you can check out my mix here.