Randy Travis Top 5 Songs.... Vol. 2

A second helping of Randy Travis' best songs...
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Okay boys and girls, it's time for our next installment in the "Randy Travis is more than a footnote and cautionary tale" lesson we started last week. Let's take a look at his bread and butter: Heartbreakingly poignant, honest and accurate love songs.

  1.  "I Told You So" - Much like in the last Randy Travis Top Five list, no list is worth a damn if this isn't listed as the Number One heart-wrencher in his repertoire. "Suppose I called you up tonight and told you that I loved you, And suppose I said "I wanna come back home". And suppose I cried and said "I think I finally learned my lesson, And I'm tired of spendin' all my time alone..." Whether you left or due to a screw up or several you were the one who was left, realizing that is where you need to be is scary and elating at the same time. The notion of telling the wronged person you feel this way is one of the most terrifying things known to man because this time they have all the cards in their hand. And if they knew what was good for them, this would be their response: "I told you so, but you had to go, Now I found somebody new and you will never break my heart in two again."
  2. "Look Heart, No Hands" - This isn't a tearjerker or heartbreaker but, I still love it. I know, I know I'm just as surprised as you are. "I remember how it used to feel, riding down old Two Mile Hill, Tennis shoes up on the handle bars. Paying no mind to the passing cars...no doubts no fears." This is how he perfectly explains what it feels like to be happily, and confidently in love with someone. This is a warm and fuzzy one, kids.
  3. "Deeper Than The Holler" - This one makes my inner country girl very happy. Giddy, even. From the opening strains of the twangy ole guitar and Randy's smooth voice I loved this on my first listen off Old 8x10. "My love is deeper than the holler, stronger than the river...purer than the snowflakes that fall in late December." Oh, Randy you charmer, you. I think I even detect a harmonica on this one, it's a song you can imagine listening to on a warm July night at the county fair with white, twinkling lights strung up just over the bands head.
  4. "Is It Still Over?" - Another fine song off Old 8x10 is a honky tonkin' ditty about loss and regret. "Is it still over, are we still through? Since my phone still ain't ringing, I assume it still ain't you." Heavy sentiments in a light-hearted way make it more digestible. It can't be sad if you can two-step to it....right?
  5. "I Won't Need You Anymore"- This old George Jones classic can never be topped but, Randy has that same sincere, heartsick, twang that makes you stop and listen. Over his career there have been many comparisons to the late Mr. Jones, rightly so. And that's absolutely not bad company to be in. This song starts off with a melancholy guitar and a crooning Randy singing

    "You're my always and forever.
    You're the one that hung the moon.
    After all these nights together,
    I still get lost in your perfume...
    When you see me walk on water
    When the sea don't reach the shore
    When the fires of hell freeze over
    I won't need you anymore."

This is a song every girl wants to be about her and will lay in her room in the dark, pretending it is.