Pree Announce Fall Tour, Stream "Lemon Tree" For Free

Jingly jangly indie pop guaranteed to make your day a little better; a perfect dose of quirky for your Thursday...
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Pree - Lemon Tree - FollyQuirky is something hard to pull off and even harder to maintain.  Do it right and you'll be endeared my many, do it wrong and you'll get nothing but mocking scorn. You have to be genuinely quirky too, not designed to be quirky by some PR dude, or made in a quirky lab by quirky scientists.  No, it has to come natural.  Even if you have the right amount of natural quirkiness you can quickly overstay your welcome. As a species we can only take quirkiness in small doses. Quirkiness is like cumin in that way.  A little goes a long way.  But just the right amount and you're golden.

Pree is quirky in all the right ways. May Tabol's vocals have that Regina Spektor, pixie with a mission quality to it that makes guys (and girls alike) get all googly eyed.  The music is light and harmonious and full of adventure.  "Lemon Tree"  starts with a lovely piano riff that lays the musical foundation and is then filled out with layered vocals, bells, horns and a jingling jangly sensation that's simply glorious.  Its a lonely dog song that follows you around everywhere, lays in your lap when you sit and licks your face until nothing bad can happen to you ever.  Its full of sparkly quirkiness that can't fail to make your day a little better.

Pree was started by Tabol after two years touring with Le Loup. Their new album Folly, will be released on October 18 via Paper Garden Records.  You can find them on the Paper Garden's website, Bandcamp ,Facebook and on tour at the following locations:

9/13 - Washington, DC - The Black Cat w/ Birdlips
9/14 - Newark, DE - Mojo Main
9/15 - Philadelphia, PA - Danger! Danger! Gallery
9/16 - Brooklyn, NY - Permanent Records In-Store Performance
9/16 - Brooklyn, NY - The Rock Shop w/ Jenny Owen Youngs
9/17 - Brooklyn, NY - Paper Garden Records Multiverse Playground
9/17 - New York, NY - The Living Room
9/18 - Danbury, CT - Heirloom Arts Theatre
9/19 - Cambridge, MA - All Asia
9/20 - Portland, ME - One Longfellow Square
9/21 - Montreal, QC - POP Montreal - Official Indyish Showcase
9/22 - Ithaca, NY - The Shop
9/23 - Youngstown, OH - The Lemon Grove
9/24 - Detroit, MI - The Trumbullplex
9/25 - Grand Rapids, MI - Mexicains Sans Frontieres
9/26 - Chicago, IL - Reggie's Music Joint
9/27 - Milwaukee, WI - Bad Genie
9/28 - Iowa City, IA - Uptown Bill's
9/29 - Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews
10/3 - Kansas City, MO - Czar Bar
10/4 - Columbia, MO - Sideshow
10/5 - St. Louis, MO - Pop's Blue Moon
10/6 - Champaign, IL - Mike 'N Molly's
10/12-10/16 - Toronto, ON - Toronto Indie Week Festival
10/22 - CMJ - Paper Garden Records Office Showcase
10/27 - Clemson, SC - University of Clemson Live Televised Performance w/ Frau Eva
10/29 - Atlanta, GA - The Music Room w/ Frau Eva
10/30 - Birmingham, AL - The Nick w/ Frau Eva
11/1 - New Orleans, LA - Circle Bar w/ Frau Eva
11/10 - Los Angeles, CA - Origami Vinyl In-Store Performance

Pree - Lemon Tree by Paper Garden Records