Results night

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Here it is Idol fans! The night we wait for all week! Oh, that’s just me? Very well then. I’m not going to give a play-by-play of all the silly extras they use to fill an hour long results show. Adam Lambert performed, as did Diddy-DirtyMoney (Stupidest name for a group, ever? Yes, it is). If you care about either, YouTube is your friend because neither is really worth much of our time, trust me. Ryan Seacrest tells us they had 30 million voters, last night and I guess that’s impressive. Ryan also reminds us that someone will go home tonight unless the judges choose to use their "save" which they can only use on one contestant per season until Top 5.


We get to see them moving into their Idol mansion, acting like 13 Beverly Hillbillies. Look Granny, one of them splashy pools! Next we’re “treated” to the group singing bit I really hoped had left the building with Kara DioGuardi and her speech impediment. No such luck, I did at least like the Michael Jackson songs they chose for the medley. Because this is after all, about my amusement as much as anything, right?


Ryan gets right to business, after much delay, and calls for Jacob, Karen and Stefano to come stand with him and reminds us all we are looking for the bottom three. He asked Karen what she thought of judges comments about her low-energy, unimpressive performance and she says she will do so much better if given second chance. Ryan asked Stefano how it felt to be NOT voted in by America last week and now potentially in the bottom three. Stefano said his confidence is not shaken, he is happy to have been given another chance to show America what he can do. Great answer to a jerky question. Ryan then says, "…you are all safe... except Karen.” That’s a pretty crappy way to do it. He then calls up Lauren, Ashthon, and Haley. Lauren starts to cry when reminded of the first negative comments she’s gotten thus far. Apparently her wittle feewings got hurt. She has an annoying little girl thing she reverts to, you all know how I feel about the baby voice. Yes, she’s barely 16 and I should be nicer, maybe next time. She says she's sorry she wasn't good and receives a collective “Aww” from the audience and I rolled my eyes so hard it actually hurt.


Ryan tells us she's safe but, Ashthon is in bottom 3...along with Haley. Some more questioning of the bottom three now about their feelings receiving the fewest votes, regrets they have, etc and Ashthon says next time she will definitely sing a more current song, as JLo suggested. Ryan tells us first that Karen is safe, and so is Haley. Ashthon received the fewest votes last night and must now sing one last time for the judges in hopes of getting the “save” that will keep her on at least one more week. I know the chances of them wasting it this early are slim, especially on mediocre talent with a diva-complex. I’m being objective though and ready to be blown away by the song she chose to convince the judges she’s worth keeping. She’s doing the same Diana Ross song that got her eliminated, so much for her promise to sing a more recognizable song. I do feel for her because I think singing for your second chance is kind of mean and slightly humiliating. Ashthon’s crying after her performance as she awaits the judge’s decision. They quickly deliberate and JLo delivers the bad news saying, "Not this time baby, I'm sorry" JLo made me tear up, she sounded like it truly broke her heart to tell that girl no. I know they all (and many of you) saw something special in her that I didn’t. So, Ashthon Jones is gone-was she your favorite? Did America and the judges get it right?

Next week the remaining 12 contestants will sing songs from their birth year and I might break out the Vodka because I have a feeling I was in High School or College for at least half of their births.