Review: Glenn Patrik - Original Blues

If you're gonna sing the blues, you better sing Original Blues and you'll want to do at least half as good a job as Glenn Patrik does, otherwise you're just screwed.
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One of my favorite bluesmen, Glenn Patrik, happens to reside not far from me here in Las Vegas. I'm pretty lucky that way. Seems no matter where I move, I find the artists who provide me with the kind of music that sings to my soul. But if truth must be told, I was aware of Mr. Patrik prior to my relocation to the City of Sin and Neon and LED. I'd had his previous album, Nuthin' But A Thang, and was deeply in lust with it, just as I have been recently lusting over his latest and greatest Original Blues.

As I quickly learned with Thang, Patrik isn't interested in keeping to some basic blues structure with his music, he lets it out and lets it breathes. Meaning, well, there's life and light to his music and that life and light are brilliant.

Pardon my tangent there. As much as I love Nuthin' But A Thang, I'm really here to discuss Glenn Patrik's current release, Original Blues. Original they are. And more than that, they represent quite a range of expressions and styles, but all are delivered with sincerity and musicality that pull them together nicely. There's a little Kansas City in there, a dash of Chicago, a bit St. Louis, and many other influences from juke and BBQ joints all over this blessed land. The music is old school, but with a twist of modernity that gives it its wings and lets it fly. Dusty with a bit of grease and grime and grit, clarity where it's needed, and rhythms that simply beg you to get up on your feet and start moving.

Backed by his solid band of regulars: Bob Gross on bass; trusty Rusty Hall on keyboards; Thomas "Freight Train" Walker on drums; and "Downtown" Michael Brown on saxophone. Additional vocals provided by Shawna Pitcher, Daphne Winters, "Rockin'" Billy Gross, and another of my favorite Vegas perfomers, Dennis "Monk" Andriaccio. Together, with Glenn's lyrics and smooth delivery, you're taken on an amazing journey, not just of blues, but of damn good music.

Two of my favorite songs on Original Blues are "How Would I Know" with its beautiful keys intro and that soft, come hither sax beckoning me closer for a slow, hip swaying (and maybe a little grinding here and there) dance, and "Anywhere", which speaks to my wanderlust. A little raw and dusty and bumpy, but you don't care. You're heading somewhere...anywhere. And you're going with the best companion in the world. That reassuring voice telling me there's no need for money, no mission from no one, no waiting, we'll get there...anywhere at all y'all. I'm also quite fond of "Dance The Blues", which is homey and warm and funny and sexy all at the same time.

Recorded in Vegas, produced by Glenn Patrik and Thomas L. Walker, distributed by Patrik's Shakehouse Records label, Original Blues is here to stay and you need it. I'll be here dancin' the blues and wait for you to catch up. If you hurry, I might even share my BBQ with you.