Review: Jack and White - Gemini EP

The debut EP from Brooke White and Jack Matranga is out.
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Jack and White Gemini EPJack and White began as a writing project for Brooke White's follow up to High Hopes and Heartbreaks album from 2008, but during the sessions Brooke and collaborator, Jack Matranga, realized that the music they were writing really wasn't a Brooke White album. That is really how Jack and White came to be. Both Jack and Brooke agreed that they should keep writing and put something out together instead.

The fruits of that labor is the Gemini EP which was just released via iTunes on August 23rd. Jack Matranga is a singer/songwriter best known as the guitarist for the indie band Self Against City. He and Brooke were complete strangers when they met to write together for Brooke's sophomore album, so how did those sessions turn out? Let's take a look at Gemini EP.

The title track is up first, and since I just reviewed this song, I will hold back and just say that I still dig the tune and find that it sounds much better on the EP release than it did on the net. 

"Double Trouble" follows the title track. This song has been used in the teaser videos that Brooke has been posting on the net since they started working on this project. What I like about this is the harmonies Brooke overdubs. It's a nice effect for the song and a nice play on the title "Double Trouble."

"Inside Outside" is a catchy tune one of my favorites on the EP. The guitars are fantastic and simple, which I like, and the lyrics are well written. I like the concept of the song as well. Brooke makes no bones about the fact that she wears her emotions on her sleeve and she's unapologetic. "Telephone Games" is a sweet serenade of a girl in love, but is being strung by her beau and is finally seeing it for what it is. I really like the guitars in this song and find that Brooke's vocals accent them perfectly.

"Smoke and Mirrors" is the rock song on the album with hard hitting guitars and a more rock vocal. I like the idea of the song but I didn't find it the most pleasing tune on the album. After the melodic vocals of the previous four songs, this one seems a bit out of place.

"Feathers" closes the album perfectly. The melodic vocals are back and it is just an uplifting tune to end the album on. Brooke's use of doot-doot-do-do-dooo phrase is vintage Brooke and makes the song that much more fun.

While Gemini EP is a far cry from High Hopes and Heartbreaks, there is still enough there to connect the two albums. Both have a very '70s feel musically, and that is what is so attractive about the music Brooke has put out post-Idol. The EP is a good start and introduction to a collabrative team that could have a very bright future ahead of them. I hope that this is just the first step towards a full length album in the future. If you like Brooke White from her American Idol days, you should definitely pick up this EP. Highlights are "Gemini," "Inside Outside," and "Telephone Games." Jack and White Gemini EP is currently available through iTunes for $4.95, so pick it up and kick back and enjoy the next 20 minutes and 24 seconds.