Album Review: Annamay - F*ck You

a strong debut record from this Swedish singer-songwriter.
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From Sweden comes Annamay, a singer-songwriter that is equal parts pop, folk, country, rock, and 80s new wave. Her voice is strong and she crosses genres effortlessly. Her debut album, the somewhat surprisingly titled F*ck You, is proof positive of her eclectic influences and wide-ranging talent.

The album opens with "I'm Gonna Wake Up," a track that features famed songwriter Tom Kimmel. The song is pleasant enough, folk-influenced pop rock about finding better things in life and showcases some tasteful, country-influenced slide guitar. Annamay gives a strong vocal performance both here and throughout the album.

"See Me Now" mixes tribal drums with acoustic guitars and a haunting melody. A strong chorus aids in making this song a piece of memorable ear candy. Annamay picks up the tempo with "Disparage Me For Nothing," a potent, fast-paced bit of Irish folk rock. The track is truly one of the biggest highlights on an album full of them. Annamay is equally at home both with tracks such as this one or with more traditional pop rock fare.

The title track is a throwback to 1980s New Wave and may possibly be the most pleasant melody ever given to a song with this title. Annamay rocks out on "One Step Behind," a driving number with distorted guitars and a positive message. Annamay's lyrics are as strong as her voice on these songs.

On "Grab The Moon," Annamay goes for a piano ballad with a dramatic vocal. The song shows the depth of her songwriting ability and the width of her scope. The album ends with "Missing," a moody ballad with yet another great vocal. The song is a strong way to end a strong debut album.

Annamay's wide range of styles will suit her well in this genre-crossing era of music we live in today. With strong songs, memorable melodies and an even stronger voice, F*ck You is a bold opening statement that lives up to its album title.