CD Review: Amp Trio - M(Y)Our World

Amp Trio's second release is a dreamy, sonic wonder.
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For their sophomore release, M(Y)Our World, the members of Amp Trio -- Addison Frei on piano, Perrin Grace on bass and Matt Young on drums -- decided to not only record audio, but also video for the tracks on the album, making for a multimedia event. The album mixes lush orchestration with sparse tracks and breezy with the psychedelic to create an interesting sonic mix. By adding in guest appearances by Tahira Clayton on vocals, Brad Kang on guitar, Drew Zaremba on organ and Nick Rothouse on percussion, Amp Trio has expanded their sound, taking the listener on a sonic journey.

The album leads off with "Riding Periphery," a deceptively mellow number that showcases the considerable chops of each of the band's core members. Frei delivers some intricate piano runs, only to be matched by Grace and Young. It is a lush track and a strong opener. "Stand By You," one of four tracks to feature Clayton on vocals, follows. Propelled by Grace's driving bass, it is a breezy track with a strong vocal from Clayton.

The title track has a trippy intro and features Kang on guitar, whose bell-like single-note leads add to the track's dreamy landscape. Kang also features on "Circa," a song that shows the band's less is more attitude, allowing space for the instruments to ring out and breathe.

Clayton offers a sultry vocal on the torch song "Her Way In The Room," a pretty track that showcases the group's gift for melody. Less successful is "Dallas," a meandering track that never really gets going. The album closes with "Sun Rays." Kang returns on guitar and is joined by Zaremba on organ and Rothouse on percussion. All three player's contributions are readily apparent in this rhythmic track that takes many musical turns.

With M(Y)Our World, Amp Trio has crafted a strong sophomore release. The group has considerable chops, but also knows when to hold back. Sometimes knowing what not to play is as important as what is played and Amp Trio seems to get this. Well worth a listen.