CD Review: Queen V - The Decade Of Queen V

A decade of hard-charging rockers from Queen V
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Through the past 10 years, Queen V has demonstrated one thing consistently -- she rocks. In the male-dominated world of guitar-driven rock, Queen V has more than held her own, winning over tough audiences opening for the likes of Twisted Sister and Billy Idol. The best of her recorded work from the past decade makes up the new CD, Queen V -- The Decade of Queen V.

The CD opens with 2009's "Revolution Baby," which starts with a military march and showcases Queen V's gritty voice, which is not unlike Joan Jett's or her former Runaways band mate, Lita Ford's. Gang vocals make up the big arena rock chorus and the song includes some fine blues harp from Jon Paris.

On "Cry Your Eyes Out," a new song on this compilation, Queen V mixes a Police-inspired jangly guitar intro with power chords in the chorus. The song is more pop than some of the others, but still has an edge to it. "Good Enough" is a ballad that uses the loud-soft-loud technique found on so many modern recordings and showcases a fine vocal from Queen V.

Most of the tracks featured though are high-energy rockers. "Million To One" is a blistering track with ferocious lead guitar to match the vocals while "Die For You" mixes a nasty, wah-infused guitar intro over a strong riff. It's an aggressive rocker and one of the better tracks on the disc.

Special guests feature on two of the tracks. Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello lends his unique guitar tones to 2009's "My Machine," a modern take on the ZZ Top boogie while Lemmy Kilmister co-wrote and shares vocal duties on the album closer, "Wasted," a song that sounds as much Motorhead as Queen V.

Queen V -- The Decade of Queen V is an excellent introduction to her high-octane brand of rock and roll. Not too many people rock like this anymore, but Queen V certainly brings it in this fine collection.