EP Review - Resurrection Fern - Fern

Resurrection Fern delivers an intimate new EP.
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Singer-songwriter, Resurrection Fern, is back with a new EP, simply titled Fern. Like her previous, full-length album, Beyond The TreesFern is a community-funded effort. Unlike that full-length release, however, Fern is a more stripped down recording, focusing on the singer's voice and acoustic guitar, making for a more intimate recording, one that feels like the listener is in the room with her.

Like many musicians in this era, Fern has taken to the Internet as a main vehicle to spread her music. She has run a twitch.tv channel for the past three years, where fans can watch her give intimate performances every week while she chats with them directly online. She has developed a loyal following as a result, affectionately known as the "FernFam."

The six-track recording begins with "Coffee," a sparse number that balances a clean acoustic guitar against Fern's haunting voice. One can hear the guitar strings squeak and Fern's voice is way up in the mix, adding to the sense of immediacy. The pretty ballad, "Savanna" follows, featuring a strong vocal and poignant lyrics, such as, "Savanna are you getting colder in Indiana?" Fern's lyrics, both here and throughout, are thought provoking and one of her many strengths.

"Hi Lo" is the EP's only misstep. While it has a nice vocal and cello, its arrangement is somewhat plodding and doesn't really go anywhere. More successful is the Jewel-like "Siren," a slightly more orchestrated number where Fern gives a memorable vocal performance.

Fern plugs in on "Wayside," with its ringing electric guitar intro, pushing the limit of her vocal range on the passionate track about being ignored or neglected. She stays electric on the EP's closer, "The Way That You," a lovingly sung duet between her and her husband, whose stage name is UB1K, ending the collection on a strong note.

With Fern, Resurrection Fern has offered up a strong batch of songs, showcasing fine vocals, lyrics, and musicianship. With songs such as these, it is little wonder the "FernFam" is such a devoted group of fans willing to fund her releases. It will prove interesting to see where she takes her music next.