EP Review: Seneko - Soul Numbers

A killer mix of country, rock, folk and gospel.
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On Soul Numbers, Seneko's third EP release in the last four years, Stan Olshefski has conjured up an exciting mix that is equal parts country, rock and roll, folk, and gospel -- all with an indie edge. The songs showcase a crack band, as well as some killer singing and playing. With lyrics both serious and humorous, Olshefski's songs are bound to provoke.

Soulful backing vocals and honky-tonk piano dominate the opening track "The Devil You Don't Know." Olshefski does a great job of playing the jilted ex in this country-tinged rocker. "Calling Of The Cause" is a gritty, riff-based country track with some strong slide guitar from Jon Conley and a healthy dose of organ from David Dorn. Not quite all the way country and not quite all the way rock seems to be where Olshefski likes to sit with these songs and it makes for a strong combination.

Olshefski shows off his sense of humor on "Jenny's With Irene," a jangly rocker with call-and-response vocals about how the girl he likes has ended up with another woman. So many songs focus on the woman being with another man and this track offers a refreshing, definitely 2019, twist on this story of love lost.

The EP ends with "One Hot Shot," which starts ominously with a heartbeat-like bass and Olshefski's voice, drenched in echo before settling into more traditional rock and roll fare. If Bruce Springsteen did a country rock song it might sound like this.

The songs on Soul Numbers definitely help the EP live up to its name. With strong songwriting, clever lyrics and a killer band, Seneko has a winner on its hands.