Phil Collins Earns the Gold with '...But Seriously' Remaster

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Now that Phil Collins is evidently retired from making any new music, his solo back catalog has benefitted from a bit of reevaluation—and rightly so.

Personifying the old adage of “go with what you know” Collins turned out a staggering amount of adult-oriented-pop music that seemingly everyone of a certain age knows whether they like his music or not. Achieving and maintaining that level of pop-culture saturation ain’t easy, and the glass-half-full perspective would say it’s because he possessed an uncanny talent for writing infectious, indelible hits.

1985’s No Jacket Required is the go-to record for those seeking the biggest per-capita batch of hits, but it was its follow-up, 1989’s …But Seriously, on which Collins showcased his skills as a songwriter and vocalist to greatest effect.

“I Wish It Would Rain,” which features a surge of guitar courtesy of Eric Clapton, who was enjoying a particularly strong phase in his own solo career with his Journeyman LP, is the album’s most gripping moment.