Review: Beck - "Defriended"

The Master of Compression is hard at work...
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The mad genius that is Beck released a new single last month called "Defriended" and has one coming out next week called "I Won't Be Long." He is apparently hard at work on three or more different album projects right now and has begun releasing singles that may (or may not) show up on any of them.

Beck has always been a master compressionist, able to harness and twist the zeitgeist. The very title of the song is quintessential 21st century vocabulary even if the ideas beneath the language are not: "Why are you so unavailable?" Nonsense phrases, unintelligible words, laconic and affected vocals- these are the ways he connects with us without beating us over the head with message and meaning.

The music plays to Beck's electronic side with ambient textures and a variety of drum loops and digital beats but, as is often the case, there are organic sounds in the mix as well. The vocals are distant and processed, layered in ways both spooky and beautiful.

I hope albums are forthcoming and soon because this is one more morsel of goodness from the Beck, a reminder of why we love him and reassurance he hasn't lost any of his touch.