Review: Beck - I Won't Be Long

Another new single from Beck as we wait for the next two albums, already in progress...
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Beck continues releasing singles one at a time as he works on a pair of new albums with no firm release date. He released "Defriended" last month and today issued "I Won't Be Long."

"Defriended" was firmly in the world of Beck's eccentric electronica. I was expecting "I Won't Be Long" to be more in the acoustic, singer/songwriter vein but I could not have been more wrong.

"I Won't Be Long" is a soaring anthem with an electronic-rock hybrid foundation that takes flight on the power of moody keyboards and Beck's use of his own voice not only as a medium to deliver the lyrics but as one more instrument in the mix.

A distorted guitar churns over drum loops in the intro and verses before washes of moody keyboard and layered vocals rise in the refrain. Keyboards blend with chiming guitars, floating Beck's overdubbed vocals into the stratosphere. A screeching guitar cuts against it, restoring the initial riff pattern before it all floats away.

I don't know why Beck has stayed away so long but damn him for doing it. It's good to have him returning to us even if it's one song at a time but I'm getting awfully eager to hear these two works-in-progress.