Review: Church of Misery - The Second Coming

Take a walk on the doomed side.
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Church of Misery - The Second ComingThe second of two reissues from Japan doom metallers Church of Misery, The Second Coming is more raucous than the band’s debut, Master of Reality, but it’s still every bit the killer recording for genre fans.

The Second Coming is Church of Misery’s second “official” full-length and it still packs all the grooves and doom goodness the band is known for, but it’s got a bit of a quicker clip and the jams don’t play out as long as they did on Master of Reality.

Once more, serial killers are in full bloom and the Church’s fascination with the sociopaths among us continues to infuse their groovy, psychedelic metal with a sinister edge.

Consider the opening cut, “I, Motherfucker.” The song commences with news reports over (or under) mountains and mountains of feedback. Ted Bundy is one of the worst sex murderers of all time, we’re told. A gigantic blast of power chords sweep in, complete with Junji Narita’s thunderous drums, and the track begins to build off of a killer riff. Yoshiaki Negishi digs out the sandpaper on vocals, grinding and screaming and shouting his lungs out.

From that killer moment, Master of Reality builds into another with “Soul Discharge.” This is more slamming and banging groove metal, with more Takenori Hoshi riffage. The track is “dedicated” to spree killer Mark Essex.

Then there’s the blistering “Filth Bitch Boogie,” with its ode to Aileen Wuornos. Negishi’s vocals slice deep, while the rest of the instruments bludgeon and fire away as loud as ever.

As with Master of Reality, The Second Coming is best played at alarming volumes. The rawness of the instrumental mix combined with the blistering attack of Negishi’s vocals make this one loud-as-hell record, whether it’s the diabolical riffs on the Cactus cover “One Way…or Another” or the space rock of “El Topo.”

Whether it’s the chilling voice of Aileen Wuornos hurling expletives at a court judge or mountains and mountains and fucking mountains of droning doom godlessness, this reissue of Church of Misery’s second album is just the thing to scare your neighbours and/or peel the paint off your walls. The Second Coming is a near-legendary work in Japanese sludge, just the thing for walk on the doomed side.