Review: Dublin Death Patrol - Death Sentence

The volume is right and the speed is just breakneck enough to work.
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dublin death patrolThere are a few things you should know about Dublin Death Patrol.

First, they aren’t from Ireland. They hail from Dublin, California. Second, there are 11 members of the band. It started as a meek seven-piece, but the recording process of their debut album DDP 4 Life saw the addition of another three. After the release, they added another and brought the total to 11.

Death Sentence, their second album, continues the boisterous thrash in meat-and-potatoes mode.

Make no mistake about it, the band’s pedigree runs deep. Commenced in 2006 by thrash royalty, including Testament’s Chuck Billy (vocals) and former Exodus singer Steve Souza, Dublin Death Patrol runs the breadth of the genre like few others.

“This is what we have to give to the metal world, a kick ass straight up aggressive in your fucking face album of music by guys from Dublin, California. Represented by members of Testament, Legacy, Exodus, Vio-Lence, Laaz Rockit, Tesla, Heist, and a group of head-banging Dubliners that deserved status,” says Souza of what fans can expect out of Death Sentence.

This is thrash metal for those who know what they want and know how loud they want it. The record sounds fucking huge and fucking heavy, benefiting big-time from the colossal scale of the band. The bulk can have a dizzying effect, but cranking the volume can blow those cobwebs right out.

Other bands making other albums would profit from a shrewder approach, but Dublin Death Patrol wants to do little more than thwack away at your eardrums with a blunt object. Those looking for novelty best look elsewhere, but those looking for a jean jacket bash with a heap of low-cost beer will dig the persistence of Death Sentence.

From the drum-heavy storm of “Broken” to the cut-throat riffs of “Blood Sirens,” Death Sentence is wily in its directness. The vocal mix is pitch-perfect, with the belligerence of the Testament leader crashing with the sneers and shrieks of Souza like a couple of fighter jets in a midcourse collision.

Death Sentence is what happens when a pile of bassists, a pile of guitarists, two drummers, and a pair of the best thrash metal vocalists in the business get together and make madness. Dublin Death Patrol isn’t reinventing the genre or adding much to it, but the volume is right and the speed is just breakneck enough to work.