New Single "Mind Your Manners" Quintessential, Inspired Pearl Jam

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"Mind Your Manners," the first single from Pearl Jam's 10th studio album Lightning Bolt, strikes like a storm with badass punk built on a foundation of a furious, thunderous riff.

Mike McCready plays stuttering lead lines, the mortar, while also interlocking with Stone Gossard, to create a brick wall of classic rock guitar. Frontman Ed Vedder spits and howls another of his secular humanist rants over the hard-charging rhythm. The energy of "Mind Your Manners" comes not only from the full-frontal attack but also the anthemic fever it builds, all in under three minutes.

What many missed about the best of Seattle's grunge sound was the way it married hippy activism and idealism with punk rock hoodlumism, lyrically, sonically, and thematically. "Mind Your Manners" is a textbook example, also imbued with the classic rock influences so recognizable in Pearl Jam's best work. It's a potent opening salvo that should be a staple on their upcoming tour and has me looking forward to hearing the other 11 songs from Lightning Bolt.