Review: The Lone Bellow - Then Came The Morning (Single)

Producer Aaron Dessner makes presence known on The Lone Bellow's sweeping epic new single...
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The Lone Bellow have released "Then Came The Morning," the first single and title track for the successor to their remarkable self-titled debut.

The National's Aaron Dessner occupies the producer's chair for this latest effort. The only obvious connection between The National and The Lone Bellow would seem to be their Brooklyn home base and yet if "Then Came The Morning" is any indication, this is indeed an inspired pairing.

Dessner's day job frequently employs strings and horns and he brings those elements to this stunning, sweeping, waltz-time epic. Frontman Zach Williams doesn't have the voice of a soul singer but his ability to access the deep places of the human spirit and channel them without insufferable, off-putting melisma is the very definition of soul. A song with this grandeur demands that kind of commitment and Williams answers, supplemented by backing vocalists Kanene Pipkin and Brian Elmquist.

The sonic pallet differs from anything we heard on their debut. I hope the Americana underpinnings haven't been jettisoned entirely but I love what they've done with "Then Came The Morning" and am eager to hear the new record when it releases in early 2015.