Single Review: Best Intentions - At The Ocean

Best Intentions delivers hooky pop punk in the vein of blink-182.
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Best Intentions is the latest band to come from the Nashville music scene, but don't think country music here. Best Intentions' sound is decidedly pop punk, with some elements of hard rock for good measure. Formed in 2016 in Philadelphia by guitarist Matthew Kleinman, the group was reborn a year later with a new lineup after Kleinman's move to Nashville. They are currently working on their debut album and, in the meantime, have dropped a catchy single "At The Ocean."

The song mixes crunchy guitars with a melodic lead vocal courtesy of Tony Pietrafesa and a big, memorable chorus (think blink-182).The song's video blends performance footage with scenes of a woman at the ocean. It is simple and direct and illustrates the song well. In a world where pop music is dominated by drum machines, autotune and a serious lack of guitars, this is a nice change of pace to be sure. One can hope the rest of their album delivers at this level.