Single Review: Krigare - Take On Me

Krigare delivers a fresh take on an '80s classic.
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To say Krigare has lived a full life is an understatement. She backed Kelly Clarkson at the 2006 Grammys at the age of 8, she has collaborated with Grammy Award-winning writers, and she has had her music featured in the Netflix series Elite and in a trailer for Blake Lively's All I See Is You. She also survived two forms of cancer before she turned 18. Her name translates to warrior in Swedish and she certainly lives up to that moniker. 

Her latest single is a cover of A-ha's '80s classic "Take On Me." While the song's familiar melody is intact, Krigare slows down the pace, making the song less bouncy '80s pop and more modern day serious. Heavy guitars meet lush keyboards in the song's big chorus (think Imagine Dragons) and, in an interesting twist, mimic the original song's call and response vocals. While Krigare doesn't attempt the original's insanely high note, she still hits some pretty big ones here. A-ha's version was equally well known for its classic video and Krigare offers a trippy take on it here, helping to bring a classic song into the present, both sonically and visually.

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