Rockin' Johnny Burgin, Quintus McCormick Band Prep April/May Releases From Delmark Records

One of my favorite labels just sent me a care package...
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Rockin' Johnny Band - Grim ReaperTo borrow a phrase from Noel Gallagher, "the little things, they make me so happy." Happiness today was a package in the mail from Delmark Records, a label specializing in blues and jazz that remains one of my favorites.

They've got two new CDs that just came out and I want to preview them because I missed them in our weekly roundup of new releases. I literally just got them in the mail today so I can't review them yet but Delmark is one of those great labels still fighting the good fight in the land of corporate stupid that dominates the music industry and still champions exciting blues and jazz.

The first comes from Rockin' Johnny Burgin called Grim Reaper. A lot of my Chicago friends have been talking about this one and I can't wait to throw it in the stereo to discover the source of their excitement for myself. Rockin' Johnny apparently worked the Chicago scene for years before falling off the face of the earth for a little while and now he's back with a 15-track new record mixing originals and covers.

Quintus McCormick - Still Called The Blues - Oh! Darling - Lennon/McCartneyThe other new CD this week comes from a Delmark artist I already know named Quintus McCormick. Still Called The Blues drops May 1 and is the follow up to his fine Put It On Me!, an album I meant to review and life interrupted me. This 13-track effort is his third for Delmark (his debut was the 2009 disc Jodie). The bulk of Still Called The Blues is made up of McCormick originals but I'm really curious about his cover of The Beatles' "Oh! Darling." The Beatles weren't as heavily or directly blues influenced as The Rolling Stones were but this Abbey Road classic has that sort of blues/soul feel and I'm keen to hear what McCormick does with it.

So that's today's mail call. I've got two new blues albums from one of my favorite labels, which means my "To Do" list just got a little longer but I don't mind a bit. Stay tuned, friends. We'll be talking about these in great depth very soon.