Seattle Supergroup Walking Papers Announce Oct. 2 Release Date For Self-Titled Debut

Jeff Angell and Barrett Martin (Skin Yard, Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Tuatara) recruit friends from Pearl Jam, Mad Season, Guns N' Roses for debut record...
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Walking Papers: Jeff Angell, Barrett Martin, Duff McKagan

The next great rock record from Seattle is coming our way this fall and features familiar names. Walking Papers is the brainchild of Jeff Angell (Post Stardom Depression and The Missionary Position) and Barrett Martin (Skin Yard, Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Tuatara) and the two have recruited some equally big names for their self-titled debut record due through Martin's Sunyatta label Oct. 2, 2012.

Jeff Angell and Barrett Martin form Walking Papers, featuring Duff McKagan, Mike McCready, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses, October 2Angell and Martin are joined on the record by ex-Guns N' Roses/Velvet Revolver bassist and Seattle resident Duff McKagan, and Pearl Jam lead guitarist Mike McCready (who also worked with Martin in Mad Season) along with Benjamin Anderson, Dave Carter (Trumpet), Dan Spalding (Baritone Sax), and Ed Ulman (Trombone). It was recorded in Seattle by Catherine Ferrante and mixed by famed Seattle producer Jack Endino, who also worked with Martin in Skin Yard and helped mix and finalize the final Screaming Trees album, which was released last year. Endino also produced Screaming Trees' vocalist Mark Lanegan's solo debut on SubPop The Winding Sheet and an album called Bleach for a band called Nirvana, also for SubPop.

What I'm trying to say is if you ever loved the music of Seattle -- whether you were like me and heard it before it went international because you were fortunate enough to live in the area at the right place and time or discovered it when MTV played videos and radio played songs -- this is an album aimed squarely for you.

If you weren't down with the Seattle scene -- I'm sorry but I'm not using the "G" word -- don't be too quick to dismiss this. This won't be a rehasing of old ideas and sounds but is instead a collection of talented multi-instrumentalists with some shared heritage pushing themselves in new directions. Rock and roll, kids. Rock and roll.

Walking Papers have already started playing shows in Seattle (check out their live debut, perfoming album track "Your Secret's Safe With Me") and McKagan has joined them onstage. We've also got footage of them performing "Two Tickets," another track from the album. Plans for tour dates in Europe and South America are already being laid out with US dates slated for 2013.

Below is the complete tracklisting for the band's self-titled debut:

  1. Already Dead
  2. The Whole World’s Watching
  3. Your Secret’s Safe With Me
  4. Red Envelopes
  5. Leave Me In The Dark
  6. The Butcher
  7. Two Tickets And A Room
  8. I’ll Stick Around
  9. Capital T
  10. A Place Like This
  11. Independence Day