See Hiss Golden Messenger Perform "Blue Country Mystic" (Video)

Hiss Golden Messenger reaches into the back catalog for this performance on WAMU
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Listener Supported Public Radio turned me on to two artists -- Lake Street Dive and Hiss Golden Messenger -- last year. I managed to complete my review of HGM's Lateness of Dancers, which I dusted off and listened to again yesterday (and I swear my LSD review is forthcoming! Here's something to tide you over in the meantime). I haven't yet dug deep into the back catalog of HGM but member station WAMU helped me out with that by posting a recent live perofrmance of a song from the back catalog, "Blue Country Mystic" from Poor Man. Two listens in and I sense I'm going to need to go on ahead and invest in that back catalog. I'm also going to need "Brother, Do You Know The Road" to be released on a CD. I'm going to need that to happen soon. Oh, and I probably re-subscribe to Daytrotter the day he does another session with them with that one and songs from Lateness.