Single File: "2 Cities" By Adam & Darcie

This Utah duo create a lulling, gorgeous sound that's just perfect for my soon to be born daughter.
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adam and darcie early in the morning cover"2 Cities"
By Adam & Darcie

From the EP Early in the MorningThe wife and I are about to have our first child.  It is an exciting, confusing, insane time full of lots of anticipation and holy crap! what are we doing moments.  Mostly though, it is a time of joy waiting for the little one to come.  There is lots of work to do, of course, and part of that, at least for me, is creating some special playlists to play to our baby girl once she comes.

I am a freak for mix-tapes and playlists and creating the perfect one for my daughter is especially daunting. There is so much music I want to share with her as she grows, but also a realization that for the first little while, the music needs to be calm, beautiful, and soothing as to put her to sleep and not keep daddy up at all hours of the night.

"2 Cities" fits right into that mold.  Darcie's breathless vocals blend with the plaintive guitar picking and rolling piano plunks to create an ethereal dream.  It is a song I can picture my wife singing to the baby when she's born to bring sweet dreams and gentle repose.  The lonesome melancholia of the lyrics won't be noticed by the child but serve to add a poignancy to the music for the rest of us.

Early in the Morning is the second album by Utah's Adam and Darcie.  It includes a couple of cover songs and four originals.  You can stream the album in its entirety before you buy it at Village Ten.  You can learn more about the band and the new record at Indiecator Records, their Myspace page, or the Facebook page.