Single File: "Coming Home" By Maggie Bjorklund, Ft. Mark Lanegan

The harmony between Maggie's beauty and Lanegan's soul makes for a compelling, gorgeous song.
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Coming Home

By Maggie Bjorklund, Ft. Mark Lanegan
From the album Coming Home

Ragged beauty. There is something so often quite wonderful about two voices blending together in harmony. When one voice is rough and course and the other sweet and pretty, then that performance takes on an especially interesting blend. All too often that blend is like a coffee and cigarette-ash mocha, but when done right it can be something of rare beauty.

Tom Waits found it with Crystal Gale. Mark Knopfler found it with Emmylou Harris. Mark Lanegan is turning his career into a series of pitch-perfect duets. He's performed with Melissa Auf Maur, Martina Topley-Bird, released three albums with former Belle and Sebastian player Isobel Campbell, had PJ Harvey duet with him on his Bubblegum record, and now he sings on a couple of tracks on Maggie Bjorklund's new album Coming Home.

"Intertwined" is a languid, dreamy, row-boat of a song that sails peacefully across the musical landscape. It starts with a slow acoustic strum that sets the pace for both Lanegan and Bjorklund to sing their sweet lyrics about longing for a love that will surely come. A weepy pedal steel guitar then comes in underscoring the sadness of being alone while mixing with the hope of the vocals.

With lyrics written by the Picket's Christy McWilson and member's of Calexico picking up the bass and drums its a hard song to get wrong, and they get it exactly right. Bjorklun's gorgeous voice mixes with Lanegan's darker, soulful sound in such perfect harmony you'd think they were born to sing together.

Maggie Bjorklun hails from Denmark. She is a member of the group the Darleens and as a featured player with Lennart Ginman, Miss B. Haven, Nils Skousen and others. In the U.S. she is known for her work with Mark Pickerel (former Screaming Trees drummer, fronted by Mark Lanegan) and His Praying Hands.

Coming Home is out now.  You can learn, and hear, more at Bloodshot Records, her Myspace page, and her official website.