Single File: "I Say Love" By Jen Olive

Blinded by Sound brings you the best in new music: up this week is Jen Olive's gorgeous, layered voice.
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Jen olive i say loveGod bless the digital revolution. As a people we now have more access to more music than anyone in the history of humanity. With the touch of a button (and a decent Internet connection) everyone can listen to all types of music from all over the world in mere seconds. No more are we constrained by only hearing what some number crunching head-of-a-major-studio-accounting-suit thinks will sell the most albums. No longer are we forced to listen to only whats played on the always bland, force fed, play-list determined by polling data corporate radio station. Nor do we have to only read about bands through giant behemoth, paid for by the major labels print magazines.

No, today nearly anybody can record a song, upload it to the internet and be heard by anybody who cares. What a wonderful world indeed. The only trouble is that with so much music available its hard to dig through all the crap and find something good.

Enter Blinded By Sounds new feature Single File where I will highlight new, interesting music and give you a sampling of it free of charge. Ain't that grand?

"I Say Love"
Jen Olive
From the EP I Say Love I Say Love by jenolive

I got a thing for multi-layered, dreamy female vocals. Jen Olive makes that dream come true. Her voice surrounds, covers, and ensconces me with its velvety cloud of gorgeousness. Add in the off kilter back beat of drums and Kate Bush-esque pop sensibilities and I'm all in for "I Say Love."

Its a song that lifts you up up up and then slides you back down with with gentle lushness. The vocals have a way of rolling together creating a tighter and tighter ball until they release at the end of the verse with a sight of relief in a way that's just about perfect.

You can hear more of Jen Olive at her website, her Myspace page, and you can follow her on Twitter. The EP I Say Love comes out April 1.