Single File: "So High" By Ringo Deathstarr

The first sunny spring classic of the year.
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ringo death star "So High"
By Ringo Deathstarr
From the album Colour Trip

Spring has officially sprung and the weather agrees (at least here in west Tennessee).  There is something miraculous about deep blue skies punctuated by puffy white clouds and a bright sun warming ones most inner pleasures. Spring demands to be enjoyed. It also demands great music played at high volumes.

Ringo Deathstarr not only delivers a fantastic band name, but a song that will make even the most devastatingly winter grinch smile. Its full of fast-paced punchy drums, Jesus and Mary Chain style guitar jangle, and a bright infectiousness that's sure to make you want to take a drive, play a bit of soccer, or just bask in the sun. It's the sort of song they play at the end of some quirky romantic comedy when everything has just been sorted and the world is right again. It will make you leave the theater feeling good about yourself and the world about you. You don't even need a movie to get that feeling either, just a couple of minutes with your stereo and Ringo Deathstar.

Ringo Deathstarr hail from Austin, TX. They are currently making the rounds at SXSW. Their first full length album, Colour Trip, was released in February. You can learn more at their Facebook page, and at SVC Records